The Types of Sex You Will Experience at Least Once in Your Life

Do you think you’ve had every kind of sex there is? Let’s check that by going through our list. This list might even give you ideas for what you can do next time you’re horny. If you’re still a virgin, this is the perfect article for you! You’ll find out exactly what you’re in for.

Break-Up Sex

The break-up sex is, sadly, the kind of sex we all have at least once in our life — unless you find one partner and stay with them forever, which is rare. Also, many people consider this to be toxic behavior. Oh well — sometimes you simply can’t help it.

With this kind of sex, you’ll feel a lot of mixed emotions. Sure, you’re having fun, feeling good, and enjoying yourself. However, there’s a whole different side to this sex. You also feel sad, angry, lonely. It all depends on the reason you broke up in the first place.

Whatever the reason may be, you should prepare yourself for the last sex with this partner. You might find it hard not to go back, but trust us when we say that it’s better to leave the past in the past. If this partner was any good, you wouldn’t have broken up in the first place.

I Miss You Sex

In our humble opinion, this is the best kind of sex. Maybe your partner was away on a trip, you’re long-distance, or you simply haven’t seen them in a while. Missing someone isn’t easy, but it makes for some amazing sexy times.

This sex will be full of passion and emotion. That doesn’t mean that it will be lustful. It can also be slow love-making. You want to enjoy someone’s touch and presence to the best of your ability. This often means that you don’t want to rush things. We understand completely.

So take your time adoring your partner. The I-miss-you sex will probably be one of the most memorable sex encounters you will ever have. Also, it will probably happen wherever you manage to catch your partner. Yeah, your living room floor sounds like a great option too.

Let’s Have a Baby Sex

For married couples, this is what sex has come down to. Well, at least most of the time. Having this kind of sex for a long period of time could potentially ruin the whole experience of sex. Simply put, it can start feeling like a routine. That doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up a little. We highly recommend using sex toys or trying new positions. It won’t ruin your chances of having a baby, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

For Christian couples, this is the one type of sex there is. The Bible says we should use sex as a means of procreation and nothing else. Religion condemns any type of sexual immorality, which means you shouldn’t have sex when you’re not trying to have a baby. This routine type of sex doesn’t need to be boring though. Just remember why you’re doing it.

Emotionless Sex

The polar opposite of the good old Christian sex is what we know as emotionless sex. This is the type of sex you’re having just to orgasm. Plus, you don’t really care who you’re having it with. Well, by that, we mean this is the one-night-stand kind of sex. You’ll still surely pick who you want to get down and dirty with.

However, a one-night stand isn’t the only emotionless sex out there. Another thing that fits into this category is having friends with benefits. This situation is tricky because it sure will start as emotionless sex. Still, the chances of you catching feelings are often high. You get drawn by the fact that this isn’t a commitment, and before you know it — you’re in love with your FWB.

Whatever it may be, this kind of sex is really fun and definitely not in accordance with the Lord.

Dirty Sex

Imagine the dirtiest possible ways of having sex. That could include BDSM or some of your wildest fantasies. This is the lustful sex we all imagine from time to time. Some of us strive for this type of sex our entire lives. For others, it feels like something unreachable. To have truly dirty sex, you have to let yourself loose completely.

For something like this, we believe that you need to have someone you trust and are comfortable with. Besides, you can’t have just anyone see you as a sex-crazed animal we all know you are. We all are!

This kind of sex doesn’t necessarily mean it will be rough, though some might seek exactly that. There are other ways in which you can make your sexy times dirty. All you need to do is reach deep within the pool of your imagination and find out what your dirtiest desires are.

Fun Sex

It’s all fun and games until someone climaxes. That’s how it usually works. We believe that playful sex is often the sweet kind of sex. People who are in love just do it best. Well, at least that’s what we’ve been told. This type of sex is fun and playful. What does that mean? It can start with messing around, wrestling, and such. It just feels like you’re having fun, which is what sex should be about to begin with.

However, this type of sex can include some role-playing as well. Let’s be honest here — what’s more fun than sexy role-playing? Not only is it fun, but it will spice up your sex life like nothing else. We think you shouldn’t miss out on this kind of sex. If nobody is giving it to you — initiate it yourself!

Quickie Sex

Have you ever been so horny that you needed sex immediately? You know — you drop everything you’re doing just to get it off. Maybe your partner isn’t around, so you have to opt for masturbation. However, when they are — it’s time for a quickie. This type of sex is great because there’s no time to waste. You need sex, and you need it now.

What makes this type of sex fun is the fact that it can happen just about anywhere. We’re talking about different rooms in your house, the couch, your shower, against the wall, etc. One moment you’re rushing to get ready for an outing — the next, you’re having the most amazing sex with your partner. What could be better?


If you still didn’t have any of these types of sex, don’t worry. There is still plenty of time, no matter what age you are. Plus, if you have a partner, don’t be scared to propose or initiate any of them. You’ll be in for a lot of fun.