Positive Effects of Using Ben Wa Balls

We know why you’re here. You’ve decided to venture down the Ben Wa Balls world. And, naturally, you wish to know all of their benefits before you do. 

In case you just want to improve your health, these balls are for you. And if you want to improve your sex life, these balls are also for you. Maybe you simply want a fun change in your life?  Well, guess what? These balls are for you too. 

Buckle up because this is going to be an interesting ride. Most of all, it will be a safe one because safety should always come first. 

Increased Stimulation of the Vagina Before Sex

Ben Wa Balls are also called “love eggs,” and the reason is obvious. Namely, you insert them into your vagina so that they can make your normal Kegel exercise routine more challenging. However, that’s not all they’re good for. Flexing your pelvic floor muscles helps heat things up, whether you toss masturbating into the mix or stick to just flexing. And although they will not bring you to an immediate, or even fast, orgasm, they will slowly warm you up like an appetizer before the main course. 

Speaking of food, they go with sex as chocolate goes with wine. Penetration combined with these vagina balls should be done slowly and carefully. Balls have a certain weight to them, and you should pick the size your lady friend approves of. They also have a string or an attachment for easier removal. If you enjoy anal, you can also do Kegels during sex with Ben Wa Balls inside. 

So maybe your partner has less experience than he needs with you to warm you up. Maybe you just want to add just a bit of extra spice to the main course. Whatever it is you want to achieve, these balls will soon become your new best friend. Trust us.

Kegel Exercise Companion

On this path called “wanting to improve one’s sex life,” we all stumble upon Kegel exercise. These exercises are amazing for many things, not just sex life improvement. Having strong pelvic muscles can help prevent many accidents and improve your overall health. You, for sure, can do them without any aids, but why not bring things up a notch? We don’t doubt you’re here because you already made up your mind on using them!

So let’s cover the topic of how they can help. Yes, balls have a certain amount of weight you should keep in mind. The more weight you opt for, the more challenging it is. But always be cautious! You can always go up or down in weight you decide to use. Knowing you can do Kegels just about anywhere means you can carry your balls anywhere too. Now men aren’t the only ones that have them. 

More Pleasure For Masturbation

If you’re single and not ready to mingle, but you still want to spice up your sex life — welcome. We have all the vagina balls for your masturbating pleasure. Sex with oneself is still sex. We already know inserting a Ben Wa Ball can help with some teasing. Things are a little different now because we want to go for maximum pleasure. How do we do that? It’s simple. You can mix your trusty balls with any other type of sex toy. Vibrators, butt plugs, beads — you name it! 

The same rule that applies to your partner applies to penetrative sex toys, and that is that you should be careful. But, what about anal dildo and vagina balls? That sounds like a match made in sex heaven. An anal sex toy can press your Ben Wa Balls against your G-spot, and that’s when the party starts. Now it’s “Finding Nemo,” and you’re the ocean.

Possible Cure for Urinary Incontinence

If you don’t know what urinary incontinence means, it’s leakage. Sometimes you sneeze, cough, or laugh too hard, and suddenly your panties are wet but not in a good way. What’s causing that is weak pelvic floor muscles. They reign supreme over your bladder and decide when you’re going to go. Strengthening them is key to solving this problem. To do that, you have to, of course, do Kegel exercises. 

You know how we said Ben Wa balls offer a challenge during Kegels? That applies to this too. When you work out, lifting more makes you stronger. Using the same logic, doing Kegels with weighted balls makes your muscles stronger. We believe this could be a possible cure for your leaking pipes. They speed up the strengthening process as well as help improve your overall health. On top of that, they spice up your sex life, so definitely try them.

Advice to Consult a Health Professional if Needed

Consulting your doctor is what you have to do first whenever you’re trying something new. Especially if you have some pre-existing conditions that might prevent you from doing so. Always handle Ben Wa Balls with caution. Training your pelvic floor muscles seems easy, but they need to relax too. If you don’t give them a break, you can start feeling some discomfort. That’s why carrying your vagina balls for longer periods isn’t recommended. 

Be wary of possible straining, discomfort, pain, or tearing. In case you notice symptoms such as unusual discharge or smell, as well as pain or discomfort, let your doctor know. Ben Wa Balls are safe to use as long as you’re using them correctly. Ball sets for beginners do exist, so if you want to try them, you have options. Improving one’s sex life is only fun as long as it’s perfectly safe.


In conclusion, these vagina balls can be very beneficial for you. You can surprise your partner by experimenting with them. Or maybe explore your body and what feels good in ways you never have. You can also put a permanent end to leaky pipes. 

All in all, these balls can only help you. And what’s more, you can wear them while you’re at work or shopping or relaxing at home. They’re convenient because they can be used anywhere! Maybe you need to be a bit experienced to use them right, but practice makes perfect. Does it not? Time to get started. loveballs.co has made shopping for kegel balls easier than ever. You can browse through their catalog, and have them shipped to your address discreetly. How cool is that?