Ladies, Improve Your Masturbation Session With These Tips


How do you improve your solo-play time, you wonder? Maybe your sessions have become a little dull as of late. Or you simply need something new. Or maybe you’re a beginner, and you want more than just clit and penetration play. 

We’re going to go over tips you can immediately implement because they’re just that simple and easy. But effective, and that is what’s most important. Follow these tips, and you’ll realize all of the masturbation benefits. 

It’s time to kick your feet up and unwind. That’s what reaching an orgasm is for — relaxing and making yourself happy. It’s “you” time.

Involve All Erogenous Zones, Different Parts of Your Vagina, And Experience Different Types of Orgasm

Are you ready to have a full-body masturbation experience? You don’t have to just stick to what you know. Masturbating involves a lot of different elements that need your attention. So let’s go through some of them and expand your horizons. 

We know masturbation shouldn’t only revolve around your vagina. During sex with a partner, do they just touch your vagina? Of course not. It involves a lot of caressing and a lot of foreplay before the main play. So what’s the catch? Find out what your erogenous zones are. Yes, all of them. No need to be ashamed of what they are, either. This is your time alone, and you can use it how you please. 

Erogenous zones can be anything. You vagina, butt, hips, breasts, shoulders — anything! Maybe you enjoy your earlobes touched, and that’s fine too. What matters is finding out what gets you going and running with it. So perhaps you’re wondering how you will manage to do all of that with just two hands? Masturbation is a process, after all. Well, unless you’re in a hurry. Find some time when you’re horny and sure no one will bother you to engage in this. 

Some women find penetrative play does absolutely nothing for them. That’s completely valid. So what do they do? A lot of touching, of course. Or slapping your own butt, whatever you like. Also, you should figure out what it is you want from your masturbation session. Do you want to just get off by doing what you already know? Or do you want to find new, exciting ways to reach that high called an orgasm? It’s up to you to define that. 

Do you know how seeing yourself in sexy clothing makes you excited? You can also watch yourself explore your body. We know some people will be embarrassed. Being insecure about our bodies is, unfortunately, completely normal. That can help you get rid of those bad feelings. Get a little mirror and watch yourself get carried away. Or you can always close your eyes and focus on the sensations only. 

Stop Being So Vanilla!

There are multiple ways to stimulate yourself. Therefore, there are multiple types of orgasms to reach. When we say multiple, we mean there’s vaginal and anal orgasms in play. If you’re not familiar with the wondrous world of anal stimulation, try it. It’s not as scary as it might seem. It’s a pleasurable, safe experience. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking it more than vaginal play. 

When it comes to anal play, it’s good to know the anus has lots of nerve endings. Stimulating those nerve endings leads to an anal orgasm. Stimulation can be done in various ways. You can please with your fingers or toys, for example. However, some of those nerves are shared with your vagina too. So through anal stimulation, you also get vaginal stimulation. It sounds like double the fun. 

Vaginal play is something most of us are familiar with. In case you aren’t, don’t worry. Here’s how it works. You can stimulate various parts of your genitals. It all depends on what kind of stimulations you enjoy. For you, it might all be just about keeping the clitoris happy. For others, it might be penetrative play only that they enjoy the most. Whatever it might be, vaginal play is always fun for masturbation newbies as well as masturbation experts. 

If your masturbation sessions become boring, you can add a lot of stuff to them: different toys, different sensations. Explore your body and find all of your erogenous zones. Switch positions, too! You don’t always have to masturbate missionary style. New things make female masturbation way more exciting. 

Set the Mood of Your Room

Oh yeah, here’s the fun part before the fun part.

Again, it’s all about you, so think about what makes you feel sexy, whether that’s certain lighting in your room or certain clothes you wear. We suggest setting the lights low. Not completely off, though. Or just play in the dark, whatever you prefer. Maybe use some colored lights if you have them. Suddenly your room has a splash of sexy red. 

Think about scents too. Some smells get our attention easier than the rest. Maybe you can also have a designated scent for your masturbation sessions only. There are a lot of options: fresh scents, chocolate, nutty, or woody scents. They sure have some sexy names. 

Why not create a sexy playlist too? Play some songs that get you in the mood, you know. Or you can use special bed sheets if you plan on doing it on your bed — something silky, for example. Setting the mood is so easy. All you have to think about is what you like. 

In case nothing comes to mind, you can pay more attention when you’re not turned on. Discover what puts you in the zone and run with it.

Use Some Lube

That’s right. Lubricants aren’t only beneficial during sex with your partner. They’re good for masturbation, too. 

The use of lube is easy enough to figure out. In case you already had a sex partner, chances are you know what this is about. If you haven’t, fret not — we’re about to break it down for you. 

There are several types of lubricants you can find and use: water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, and natural ones. Paying attention to the ingredients can help you out when choosing. Also, knowing how you’re going to use them. Lubricants are used most commonly during penetrative play. Some of us can be a little dry sometimes, and even if you’re not, the more lubrication, the better. 

So always read the product description and do a little research before buying. Water-based types are generally the best. They’re safe for your vagina and also safe to use with most toys and condoms. Oil-based lubes are good as well. Some of them are natural-based so we’re not talking about motor oil. It’s oils like coconut or vegetable. They’re safe to eat too!

Using lubricant matters. It’s going to make your penetrative play much easier and much more enjoyable, so don’t miss out on them.

Use Your Imagination

This one should definitely be a no-brainer. Sometimes, sensations and setting the mood aren’t enough. That’s when you need to look within yourself. 

If you have a wild imagination, this won’t be a problem at all. If you don’t, this might take some practice. But you’ll find that it’s pretty straightforward. One more time, think about what gets you going. What are your fantasies? In which sexy situations you want to find yourself? Every piece of information matters. 

Give yourself and your fantasy some time. You don’t have to go straight for it but prepare yourself. For a while, you can just lay down and think about a scene. Do a bit of role-playing in your mind. Imagine yourself in your unfulfilled fantasy. Why? You’re about to make it happen. On your own at that. That’s why imagination is so cool.

You can think about a scenario beforehand too. When doing that, you can also set the mood accordingly. Some people just need a little more work than just rubbing and in-and-out motions. We’re all different, and that’s okay. 

Who says you need a partner to fulfill your deepest fantasies? You just need yourself and your wild imagination.

Phone Sex

What? We know you’re curious about this one. No need to get shy about it now.

Phone sex is fantastic. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can do wonders. Well, if you’re in a regular relationship, too. It’s good to switch and spice things up from time to time. Casual sexual relationships benefit from phone sex, as well. Your FWB won’t always be able to answer your summons. That’s why phone sex is very beneficial. 

So how does it work? Any way you want it to. All of the sex-related things work the same way: they cater to your wishes and desires. So should your partner and so should you. In case you’re still stuck in how to initiate phone sex, here’s how. 

But first, you do not need to feel any embarrassment. It’s natural to be a little shy if you’re not that vocal or freaky. That’s why it’s good to find a phone sex partner that you’re comfortable with. Just think of it all as an elaborate “What are you wearing?” conversation. Does reading spicy books, for example, get you in the zone? Phone sex works the same way. 

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but this isn’t one of those scenarios.

Watch Some Porn

If all else fails, it’s porn time. Porn can be extremely beneficial and teach you a lot. But how?

Of course, you can always stick to what you know you like, whether it’s straight porn, lesbian porn, some BDSM play, or whatever else. Maybe you even have your favorite porn stars you frequently watch. But how about finding something new?

Most of these porn websites offer categories for you to look through. They also offer filtered searches with boxes to tick. Searching for porn has never been easier — there is no more waiting for your parents to go to sleep so you can watch porn on your TV. You can even discover some new fetishes you didn’t know you’re into. 

How can porn help your masturbation sessions, though? Maybe using imagination isn’t going so well for you. Maybe you’re struggling with imagining certain scenarios. Porn can give you that visual stimulation you might need.

There are also plenty of solo-play porn videos. You can follow along and do what the person in the video is doing. That’s how you can find out new things to do if you can’t be bothered thinking for yourself. Truly, it can’t get easier than that.

Use Your Toys

If you’re not all for the hands-on approach, you can always use your trusty sex toys. Which ones, you ask? That’s a great question. 

The world of sex toys for women is vast, to say the least. Whatever you want to stimulate, there’s a toy for you. There are dildos, vibrators, butt plug — you name it. It’s easy to lose yourself in this type of sea when there’s so many fish swimming. So, which one to catch?

Think about what you want to stimulate. Dildos are good for any kind of penetration, either vaginal or anal. When picking dildos, keep size, material, and features in mind. You do not need the biggest dildo in the world to stimulate yourself — A regular-sized one will do the trick. Some materials aren’t the best to use and are difficult to clean, so stick to silicone, for example. 

When it comes to anal stimulation, that’s where butt plugs are in charge. Or anal beads, whatever looks better for you. The same rules of thumb apply when picking these sex toys. Anal beads might be for sex toy users with more experience, while butt plugs can be stealthily worn just about anywhere. 

Maybe you just want your clit stimulated because that’s your area of expertise. There is a toy for you too. Clitoral vibrators will make stimulation easier than ever. Bullet vibrators are small and can be carried anywhere. There are big ones too, but keep those in your sock drawer. There are also butterfly vibrators you can wear, and they will gently tease you throughout the day. 

Picking a sex toy is easy now, isn’t it? All you have to do is do a bit of research before making your decision.


To sum it all up — masturbation is a fun process. Sometimes it will take a bit of time and practice to perfect, but at the end of the day, it’s all about you. 

There are many ways in which you can make your playtime better: setting the mood, calling your FWB, or watching porn, for example. We recommend getting a sex toy too. Why not? They’re easy to use and are a sex aid for a reason. 

Most of all, it’s important to be curious. Curiosity is how you found yourself here in the first place, right?