What Are The Benefits of Using a Penis Plug?

The first time you hear about a penis plug and urethral sounding, you’re bound to find it a bit weird. It just feels unnatural to put stuff inside your penis, even for a second! But once you get too curious about it, you’ll want to give it a go. Experienced users can enjoy urethral sounding play for hours without feeling wrong about it. However, before you start practicing it, you need to make sure you’re doing it correctly. How about you check these plugs from lustplugs, so you can have an idea what they look like.

When you insert the plug, you introduce a foreign body into your urethra. That is why you must use sex toys that are easier to put in and that won’t injure your pee hole. If you go about your urethral stimulation the wrong way, for instance, using a dirty urethral toy, you can cause all kinds of trouble. The two most common ones are retrograde ejaculation (your semen shoots into your bladder) or getting UTIs (urinary tract infections). If either of the two happens, seek immediate medical advice.

Now that we’ve gone over the scary part, let’s see why you would want to do it. Let’s talk about what urethral sounding benefits are.

Stronger Orgasms

To get your urethral play going, you should slowly and gently insert a plug inside your penis. Since the plug stretches your urethra once inside, you should proceed slowly. As is the case with virtually all sex toys, don’t be a size queen. Start with a small plug and work your way up. However, don’t opt for the smallest one available as you’ll find it difficult to remove the plug at first. It could go down your tube, which would not be as big of a problem as you’d think once the panic kicks in.

The number-one reason people use penis plugs is simple — you’ll get stronger orgasms. Your penis is full of nerve endings, and applying pressure to them will get you more excited. A plug inside your urethra touches those nerves just the right way. Everything will feel more intense, and once you come, it’ll be far more exciting than without a plug. Since the goal of having fun down there is to come, make sure you buy a hollow plug. That way, you can ejaculate semen without taking the plug out nor having to worry about retrograde ejaculation.

Direct Prostate Stimulation

If you use a long-enough urethral toy, you will be able to touch your prostate directly and stimulate it. Of course, you can do that from the other side through your butt, but it won’t give you as direct of an access as your urethra will. Men enjoy anal play mostly due to the fact that it stimulates their prostate, a reproductive gland in their body. With prostate stimulation, orgasms will be more powerful and wholesome, and you’ll feel joy and happiness throughout your entire body!

With a penis plug, prostate stimulation is even more intense. If you’re experienced enough, you can even use a plug that enters the prostate and stimulates it from the inside. That will give you the most extreme sensations possible. However, you have to be careful, and you need to know exactly what you’re doing to avoid medical issues.

Stronger Erections

As is the case with cock rings, penis plugs can provide you with a stronger erection. Not only will your penis be harder, but it can also increase in size, at least for the time being. Of course, don’t expect wonders — if you’re wielding a chode, a plug won’t turn you into Hulk Hogan. (Have you seen the tape? Daamn!) Although a plug’s primary purpose is not to focus on your erection (like a ring or a pump), it can help you with it. Once you’ve plugged yourself up, you stimulate the penis from inside — something you’ve likely never done before. The more you stimulate, the harder you’ll get, especially if you use some more rigid sounds (for instance, stainless steel ones). You can leave these plugs on while having sex (just be extremely careful), and their esthetics can also help you get aroused.

However, having sex with a plug inside can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so make sure you’re practicing it with an experienced partner. If you do want to do it, use a shorter sound instead of a lengthier one. That way, you’ll avoid the risk of it going down too far and ending up in your bladder.

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Improved Relationships

To recap, using a penis plug will get you to experience better orgasms. Stimulating your penis from the inside offers far more intense climaxes since all of your nerves will be tingling. On top of that, you will get a harder boner, and your cock might even appear larger than usual. If these physical benefits are not enough for you, here’s another one. A penis plug will undoubtedly improve your overall sex life!

Once you’re in a committed relationship, having normative, vanilla sex with the same person inevitably becomes repetitive. That’s when sex toys and roleplaying kick in. Naturally, when we think of these, BDSM is the first thing that comes to our mind. But that’s not for everyone. However, even if you’re not into bondage and other BDSM-related kinks, that doesn’t mean you can’t try out a penis plug!

This toy could prove to be an excellent addition to your sex life and could spice up your sleepless nights. All couples can enjoy this activity as it brings something new to the table. What’s more, thanks to the fact that you have to be careful when executing it, allowing your partner to sound your dick is not an easy thing to go forward with. Subsequently, it’ll help you build trust, and you will feel more intimate. As Abe Lincoln said, there’s no better way to improve a relationship than sticking stuff down your cock!