What Are The Benefits of Using a Penis Plug?

You thought the film 50 shades of Gray shocking, bizarre or so exciting? You have not seen anything yet! Go see what is special about sex with penis plug? There is real sexual competition between insects to allow the species to thrive and to carve the next species. This competition brings impressive sexual practices.

Insects can twist their sex for mating

To avoid being upside down and being dragged by the female, some male-moles undergo genital torsion: between 90º 180º before or during sex, for some species, there are 360-degree twists. The fly male approaches and must transform no more or less cowboy time mating. If we had to compare that to the man no, in fact we will not do it, it’s already too bad to think about it.

Insects can ejaculate and lose their penis in the process

You have understood the title in some species, sex is both agony and ecstasy: their penis explodes or detaches, staying in the female like a plug.Bees are perhaps the most famous. First, the young queen bee goes for the males who then pursue her at high speed: only the fastest has a chance to mate but also to die. In mating, the young male’s penis explodes with ejaculation, and the eviscerated male falls from the sky to die alone in the grove.

Insects with two penises: the example of the earwigs

Do you have a spare penis? The researchers were puzzled to see a second penis in some species of earwig. Why? an evolution? No, the second penis is a spare part in case the first comes off because in case of danger Mr. Perce-ear leaves the female sex still detached in it.

Coleopteran: a painful mating

We could not talk about pleasure in beetles: females are regularly injured and develop vaginal scars after mating. The researchers knew that the males had big thorns but were not sure what the thorns were really doing. Thus, they have shaved some penises of beetles. You do this with a laser, not a razor, in case you ask the question the researchers got their answer: the pungent insect penis acts as a type of biological care to help the male cling.

The fly with giant testicles

The testicles of the fly are out of the ordinary: they represent 10.6% of the weight of the fly. In proportion to human size, the testicles would be the size of a thanksgiving turkey. Large testicles but also giant sperm that go with!The penis plug is a tool to insert into the urethra, it is shorter than the urethral boogie and it does not reach the prostate.

It is this penis plug with cock ring that made it possible to fix cock ring to the penis plug and fix it to penis.Start with a thin penis plug and gradually expand the urethra.

Since there is a tool that can be adjusted freely, insert the cock ring shallowly at first, let’s get used to expansion of the urethra, and gradually advance deeply.

When using a cock rings with penis plugs or lustplugs, of course there is a penis plug, but let’s use it after sterilizing and disinfecting the penis and hands as well.Since there is no function to prevent intrusion of bacteria etc. from the outside to the urethra, please pay close attention and advance.Regarding purchase and use, please proceed with self-responsibility.A penis plug that can adjust the insertion depth with a hex wrench, it is an introduction of a cock ring (45 mm) with a penis plug (5.5 K).

Features of cock ring with penis plug

The cock ring with a penis plug is a cockring with a diameter of 9 mm, a penis plug with a diameter of 9 mm that has become removable.With the included hexagonal wrench, you can adjust the insertion amount of the penis plug, so you can adjust the position of the penis plug to a depth that matches your level from beginner to advanced level.

How to use cock ring with penis plug is very easy.

Adjust the insertion amount of the penis plug with a hexagonal wrench and then insert the penis plug into the urethral opening of the penis.By bringing the cock ring in the direction of the base of the rod, the penis plug is inserted into the urethra.Using a 9 mm diameter penis plug, dilate the entrance to the urethra.Since the penis plug can be removed, it can be removed from the cockring and used.

Initially, it is good to try alone.

The urethral tube inserted into the urethra and the rings are integrated products, perfect for people who want to experience urethral torture.Since there is no expansion and contraction like that made in silicone, it fits the purpose as trainer, and you can experience the feeling of a sense of splendor.

The urethral tube gradually becoming thicker from the insertion part is a thinner tube than the ballpoint pen, but it is 7 mm in diameter, 11 cm in length, the inside diameter of the ring is 2.5 cm and 3 cm in size.Since the plug has a tube structure, you can ejaculate while inserting it.Insert the urethral boogey into the urethral of the penis and gradually insert it.


If you go slowly, even beginners can insert until the end, please try.Since urethral boogie has a reasonable thickness, it is important to proceed slowly. This dilator test article deals with erotic urethral stimulation of the man, which is one of the most popular varieties in the field of clinical gynecology. The focus is on stimulation by different types of dilators, whose specifics will be discussed in more detail.

There are dilators for the erotic area in numerous designs. The most common are similar to those used by a specialist in urethra stretching. They are more or less strongly bent metal pins, which are smooth and polished. Some deviate from this form to gain additional pleasure. They are available in the form of ball chains, turned and straight, made of metal or plastic. Other variations, in turn, have a vibrator, serve as a probe for electrical stimulation, or are pierced to allow for prolonged wear.

Particularly popular are penis plugs that have an additional glands ring. It holds the dilator in the urethra and stimulates it during sexual intercourse. Alternatively, it can be worn because of the usually short design when shopping or at work, which causes a tremendous thrill.

Which dilator one chooses depends on the taste of the man and the use. For longer use, short and thick dilators are better than long and thin ones. For the stimulation before the lovemaking one takes the one who likes best and promises the highest pleasure increase.

Lovers of urethral stimulation usually have a broad arsenal of different boogies. Like specialists, they have numerous stimulators in different lengths, diameters and materials.