A First Time for Everything — What Do Anal Toys Feel Like?

So, you’re interested in fiddling with the backdoor a bit, but you are scared of what it might feel like? Don’t worry; we got you. Everyone describes their first anal toy experience a bit differently. Still, we all agree on one thing — if done right, it’s great on so many levels, it’s practically an out-of-body experience.

Do you remember the first time you were on the receiving end of oral sex? You were sitting there, eyes wide with wonder, unable to comprehend that something could feel that good. You thought that nothing could surpass the pleasure you were feeling at that moment — the tight wetness of another person’s mouth felt heavenly. 

And, sure, not many things feel as good as a blow job. But some blow it right out of the water (pun intended). That first breach of a butt plug or any other anal sex toy, for example. Oh, it’s a borderline religious experience. And when you manage to brush that male G-spot and see the stars burst behind your eyelids, you’ll be sure that blow jobs got nothing on anal play. 

But, these are all pretty vague and fan-fiction-like explanations. Let’s see why men love anal penetration, and why many straight men are missing out on by not dabbling in anal play.


Sexual Confidence

Men who dared to try out anal toys describe their experience as cathartic. Because they were brave enough to breach the unbreachable, they feel as though they can do anything. 

When we’re exploring a new part of our body, whether we’re doing it on our own or with a partner, it gives us sublime sexual confidence. 

Once we’ve tried it and seen how good it feels, we’ve learned something new. Then, we can go out into the world and share the knowledge (wink-wink) and introduce someone else to the beauty of silicone toys and mind-numbing orgasms.


Transcending Previous Levels of Sexual Prowess

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of stigma around anal play. Anal for men is naughty, forbidden, and it implies all the wrong things, etc. But the truth is — anal play is liberating. It allows us to find out precisely what we like, what our turn-ons are, and to explore. This type of sexual liberation helps us reach new levels of our sexuality.

It sounds silly to say that anal beads can change someone’s life, but it’s true. By getting to know ourselves and our bodies better, we’re able to experience sex in different ways. It’s not just that spicing things up is exhilarating (although it is). The entire point of sexual exploration is to learn something new and discover a new form of pleasure.


The Joys of Prostate Orgasms 

Here’s the thing — you might not orgasm the first time you try anal play. Because starting small and working your way up is the best approach to anal, you might not even reach your prostate. However, anal play will still feel amazing (especially if you stimulate your cock as well).

Of course, prostate orgasms are the thing everyone dreams of. It’s the primary reason most men get their hands on a sex toy. If we were living in the Old World, troubadours would probably sing songs about prostate orgasms (hell, maybe they did, who knows). It’s a proven fact that prostate orgasms are stronger, longer, and richer than regular ones.

But even without stimulating the prostate, a man can experience an intense orgasm during anal play. Excitement, anticipation, and teasing paired with regular sex or masturbation can make a man weak in the knees with pleasure. 

Stronger and More Stable Loads

Because anal sex toys usually stimulate the prostate, they can improve your overall wellbeing and sexual health. Prostate massage is essential for health, given that it allows for a better and more steady release of prostatic fluid. This fluid makes up around 70% of your semen, which means that regular prostate massages can improve your ejaculation which means it also promote fertilization effectively.

What’s more, there are lots of health benefits to prostate stimulation. It can help with erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatitis, and even help with early detection of prostate cancer. 


Hard As a Rock

Sure, we all love hearing about the health benefits, but here’s one that will probably catch everyone’s eye — anal play can improve erections as well. You know how sometimes you get hard, but then at other times, you get so hard you feel as if you could bust a steel door with your cock and fuck throughout the night? Well, anal toys can help you feel that invincible all the time.

But don’t get ahead of yourself just because of this promise of level-upping your erection. Anal play should be something you work on gradually. So don’t go shoving the biggest toy you can find up your ass. You’ll only end up with regret (and pain, so much pain). 

If your interest has been tickled, and you’d like to try anal play, make sure to star small. Think of the tiniest anal sex toy you can, and then find an even smaller one. Trust us; your virgin ass will be grateful for that. Of course, no matter the size, the toy should always have a flared base. Then, get yourself some lube and go to town! 

Of course, don’t be surprised when you feel your dick first go down and then come back with a vengeance. Powerful erections are usually a part of the deal, so make sure you (and your partner, if you’re into that) enjoy them. 


A Few Parting Words

All first-timers agree on one thing — anal play is intense, scary, and intoxicating. It’s easy to get addicted to the pleasure and the high of sexual exploration. But, whatever you do, tread carefully. Always protect yourself, both from injury and STIs. Anal play is wild, but that doesn’t mean you get to throw caution to the wind.