What the Bible Tells Us About Sex

Many historians are discovering hidden messages in the Bible, and one of the most common questions people have is about sex. On the one hand, some Christians advocate celibacy, while on the other, people embrace sex and enjoy it with their wives. So let’s dive deeper and see what the Bible teaches us about sex. Is it a sin? Or is it something to be cherished?

It’s Not Something Evil

With all the stigma about sex, many believe that the Bible is against it. But the truth couldn’t be more different. Sex in the Bible was there since the beginning, and you can easily notice how it’s not something evil people should be afraid of.

The Bible teaches us that man and woman were naked and that they weren’t ashamed of themselves. They enjoyed the time they spent in the Eden and sex was a major part of it (probably the main reason why they had fun).

We can also see that sex is something that should be celebrated and cherished. Many proverbs describe the relationship between the husband and wife, and it often borderline softcore pornography.

It is clear that marital sex is never a reason for shame and that people should accept this gift from God.

Husbands Owe It to Their Wives

One of the most important things about Biblical sex is found in Corinthians. It says that a husband owes it to his wife and that it is a part of her conjugal rights. The text then explains how the wife’s body is not her own and that it belongs to her husband. Now, before you start saying anything about equal rights and such, the second part says that the husband’s body is not his own and that it belongs to his wife. That is kind of cute. Maybe a bit creepy, but still cute.

But either way, when the Bible was written, the whole culture was quite patriarchal, and it seems revolutionary that there was this kind of equality. It also means that sex is also mutual. Also, it shows that sex in marriage should be consummated freely and without any boundaries. And the best thing is that this applies to butt stuff as well since there is no mention of anal in the entire book.

Married Couples Should Have It Often

As we previously mentioned, any type of sex is great. While sex outside marriage is frowned upon, you can party as much as you want if you are married. Interestingly, the Bible advocates frequent intercourse, which couples should enjoy as much as they want.

In Corinthians, Saint Paul talks about how neither husband nor wife should deprive one another of sex unless they agree to do so. That can also be a sign that tease and denial, as well as chastity cages, are something more people should try.

Paul also said that the time you spent separated from your spouse should be spent in prayer. But, we can safely assume that you can do other things as well.

But back to the shagging. In the Old Testament, frequent sex is a perfect way to guard yourself against a lustful heart or wandering eye. The main concern of the Bible is mostly to show how spouses who committed adultery will burn in fiery pits of hell. But frequent intercourse should be embraced and enjoyed, and there is nothing wrong about it.

It’s Not Just About Kids

Many people believe that sex should be about having kids. While a part of that is true, it is not the only purpose of sex. Yes, in the beginning, God said that they should be fruitful and multiply and whatnot. But you don’t have to go far to see that there is another purpose of intercourse.

According to the Bible, God made humans in his image. They are equal, and they are two halves of the same. They are complementary partners, and they “shall become one flesh.”

In Genesis, we can see that the idea is for the man to “leave his father” and join his wife. It is obvious that sexual pleasure is part of it, and that relationships in the Bible are mostly about intimacy and partnership.

The main idea behind sex is emotional, physical, and sexual union. Yes, it can result in children, but it is not the only goal of marriages and relationships.

It’s Not a Requirement

We all know that God will judge you if you sin, but abstinence is not really a sin. While having sex is great, and many proverbs show how couples should have intercourses, it is not a requirement.

You can be a complete person without having sex. That applies to both males and females. Many characters in the Bible never had sex. We all know that Jesus never had sex, and neither did Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and many others.

There are a couple of places where you can see that lifelong celibacy is not a big deal and that many Christians believe it is a path to fulfillment. Yes, many proverbs advocate marital sex in the Bible, but Paul explained the most important part.

Namely, Paul said that he wished that everyone was like him. Each individual has their gifts, and all of us are different. He spent most of his life in celibacy, and it is clear that it’s not a sin. In the end, you should do what you feel like, and if sex is not something you desire, that is fine. Moreover, it will allow you to flee from sexual immorality or any other sexual sin.