Are Sex Toys Allowed in Christian Marriage?

You might think that Christians and sex toys don’t mix well. The truth is, that’s far away from the truth. Sure, God and the Bible have a lot to say on how and who you should have sex with. However, they don’t say much about what your sexy times should look like.

So let’s learn more about how you can incorporate sex toys in your marriage while honoring God and adhering to what the Bible says. We’re all just trying to procreate, but we’re offering you a way in which you can make it so much more fun.

Taboo Around Sex Toys

It’s no secret that sex toys are a big taboo in general, not just when it comes to religion. People stay away from them for various reasons, most of those having to do with the fear of exploring their own sexuality. Others face different societal pressures to stay away from sex toys, but what about Christians? It’s a bit different if you’re a part of the Christian community.

Sex itself is taboo within Christianity. It’s an essential part of procreating, but what if you simply enjoy sex? Promiscuity isn’t one of the core Christian values. In fact, it’s looked down upon. Does this mean that you shouldn’t have a sex life? Of course not. The Bible gives you a set of values to adopt and rules to follow, but being a real Christian is all about doing what’s right by you and God.

So why is there so much stigma around sex toys? They can definitely aid you in the bedroom, and both spouses can use them. Maybe it’s how they’re sold and promoted that makes them so bad. The promotion of sex toys involves a lot of nudity and pornography, which doesn’t really align with the Christian way, which is being modest in all things.

What Does the Bible Say About Sex?

Surprisingly, the Bible has a lot to say about sex between men and women. First and foremost, the Bible is big on people marrying before having sex. Why? Because if you have sex before marriage, it’s a sign of sexual immorality — which is a sin.

The Bible also says you shouldn’t commit adultery. The husband and wife should become one flesh after marriage, which again means you shouldn’t indulge in sex beforehand. Another passage talks about the husband and wife not having authority over their own bodies — but their spouse does. We can only speculate what this means, but it seems like God vetoes sexual pleasure from masturbation. You can only receive it from your spouse.

To summarize, a lot of mention of sex in the Bible has to do with being faithful to your spouse and not being promiscuous. However, there is no mention of sex toys being bad. You may avoid them in your secret solo sessions — because we all have those, and that’s perfectly okay. Instead, ask your spouse how they feel about toys, and we’ll teach you all about how to use them.

How Should You Use Sex Toys?

Now, let’s get into how you should use sex toys. The first thing you need to know is that they will help you enhance your sex life. Sometimes, things get a little boring in the bedroom. We understand that, especially if you don’t deem yourself sexually adventurous. That’s perfectly fine. However, you can use sex toys to spice your sex life just enough.

Don’t worry — you’ll still be doing right by God and adhering to what the Bible says. Using sex toys isn’t a sin as long as you use them with your spouse. You can consider them a form of marital aid. We know this might throw you off because your marriage is perfectly fine, and you don’t need any form of aid, right? Then, how about just making your marriage a bit more fun? We think there’s nothing wrong with that.

Since the Bible says that the spouse has authority over your body, let them use these convenient toys on you. You’ll experience a whole new world, and it’s all for better procreation, right? Let’s make the creation of babies a lot more fun than it already is.

It Must Be a Mutual Decision

So can Christians use sex toys? Yes, of course! However, it has to be a mutual decision between the two spouses. As with all things sexual, you need to have consent. The Bible saying that the spouses have an obligation to participate in sexual activities — all in the name of procreation — doesn’t mean you don’t need the spouse’s consent.

Since we’re talking about something Christians consider taboo, it’s important to sit down with your spouse and talk to them about it. Don’t force this idea on them as they might be uncomfortable initially. You’re trying to change their idea of sexual intimacy and introduce something new. That won’t always be readily received, so you have to keep in mind that they might say no. If they do, you have to respect it.

If your spouse is open to the idea, it’s okay to seek answers to any questions they have. Consult the Bible, pray on it, ask your pastor if you can. That might seem uncomfortable at first, but finding answers by any means is necessary. Once you two seal the deal on using sex toys, you’ll realize that this is something you should’ve done a long time ago.


There are companies that claim they sell Christian vibrators — or vibrators that are Christian-friendly. That might make you feel better about purchasing and using one. Whatever the case may be, married couples are allowed to have all the Christian sex they want. The Bible says you should have it anyway, but it doesn’t specify what it should look like.

So we recommend you venture into the world of sex toys with your hands completely untied. You’ll still be doing right by God, so there’s no retribution to be afraid of.