Men Reveal Their Anal Stimulation with a Butt Plug Experience

From Sexual Informative we want to offer you tip to use an anal plug, this way we present this type of sex toy so you can enjoy it without complexes. There are still too many users who are reluctant to discover that part of their body that gives them so many pleasures.

An anal plug is a sex toy very similar to a dildo, but the peculiarity is that it is specially designed so that it can be inserted into the rectum without any problem. In general, they are much smaller in size and have one end with a stop so that the plug remains firmly attached.

How does a butt plug feel like? The main objective of this type of toy is to stimulate the anus; you can also use it to prepare the area before having an anal sex session. In general, they tend to be very similar, but depending on the brand and the manufacturer you can find different alternatives so you can choose the one that best suits you. Depending on the model you choose, you can have it inside during the sexual act or you can even wear it while taking a walk in the park.

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Instructions for use

Many people have bad experiences with anal stimulation because the first time they tried it they did not do it with enough lubrication. You have to take into account that for the use of any anal toy you have to have the right lubricant, and that does not mean you can use baby oil!

If you want to enjoy a good session of anal sex, the first thing you have to keep in mind is hygiene and cleanliness; clean the area well and get ready to embark on an unforgettable experience in many days.

Lubricates, lubricates and lubricates well, for this you have to smear your toy and your anus well so you do not have any problems, insert it slowly and feel every millimeter that beats your body; a little push will suffice for you to have it in its proper position.

You can move the top with your hand while doing this operation to enjoy a different stimulation, you can also leave it in place and continue with your sexual relations to verify that the orgasm that you are going to live next to is the most powerful you have felt in your life.

When you finish and take off the anal plug you have to clean it thoroughly and sterilize it to have the guarantee that all the bacteria that are part of the area are not present in the next use. If you have some kind of problem to remove your ana plug, you just have to add lubricant and pull the stop without any problem.

Plug Anal Silicon

We could not make an article about Tips to use Plug Anal without putting into play some of the characteristics of this type of toy. There is usually no great imagination when it comes to designing and putting an anal plug on the market, they usually follow the same pattern; it does not take too much risk and that revolution that turns the market upside down is still lacking.

Of course, you have designs and materials to bore, with different designs to have that special touch that is sought in some occasions: you have models made with silicone, patented gels. There are even versions with vibration and models with curves to reach the most unsuspected places.

Of all, those who have surprised us the most is the one that comes with messages. Yes, you have heard perfectly, an anal plug that comes with a message on the outside of the top: a different and spicy touch to surprise your partner.


Security is a section that must be present in the Councils to use Plug Anal; if you follow the steps in an orderly manner and do not invent anything weird you will not have any kind of problem.

One of the main problems that you can find when using an anal toy is that the end is not well fixed and penetrate the rectum without the possibility of recovering it. So you have to take into account the top of our anal toy so there is no type of mishap.

The other problem that can arise is totally opposite to the previous one, you choose a model too big that can produce a tear in the anus; This is very painful and requires a lot of time to heal completely. There can also be some kind of problem if you are too much beast and you press the toy with unusual force, this can damage the rectum and cause serious injuries.

The tips for using Anal Plug are simple and very basic, you just have to have a bit of common sense: lubrication is key to everything working properly, do not play with little things that can stay inside and do not force the situation you can do a lot of damage With this and you only have to enjoy the Anal Plugs, they will give you many unforgettable mornings / afternoons / evenings.

This is not the plug that we wanted to talk to you from the beginning, but in case you are already intrigued, we are not talking about sound equipment. Let’s enter fully (and deeply) the topic: Do you like it for the little one? The anal plug is a good toy for people who enjoy anal sex, with this toy you do not lose the success opportunity to play or stimulate at will, either with your partner or when you are alone. The advantage of this naughty toy is that it is smaller and discreet than a vibrator, it has a plug or a ring at the end of the plug that serves to manipulate the toy and also so that it does not get stuck in there, imagine that you had to Go to the hospital because you have something stuck where I already told you. Now, we are talking about this toy:

What it is for and how to use the anal plug

Has a thin tip, and this serves to achieve a smooth penetration and so that it dilates the anus, while you go getting yourself the toy you will go feeling it wider, do not worry, it is to make you feel richer, these toys are small and have a diameter of up to 4 centimeters, but you can find them in longer and thicker presentations, in case you like strong emotions.

The plug is for use when you masturbate for a cause or when you are with your partner, not only is a toy for girls, you can also use it gentlemen and not exactly homosexuals. It is important that you use a water-based lubricant to make the game more enjoyable. Relax before using it, if you have never enjoyed sex through the back door it is better to enjoy it with your partner, so it will be more fun.