Why Men Also Need Anal Toys

Although their genitals differ, men and women share one important erogenous zone — the anus. It is highly sensitive, and its stimulation can intensify your orgasms and enhance your overall sex life.  

The fact that there are many nerve endings in the anal region imposes the question of whether men can enjoy anal stimulation. We already know that gay men practice it, but did you know that it was not exclusively for them? Heterosexual men can benefit from anal stimulation too, and not just sexually. There are health benefits of anal stimulation as well.

To lift the veil of mystery from the subject, we will scrutinize it in the following lines. If you are a man (or have a male partner), you may want to expand your horizons and learn why men need anal sex toys as much as women. 

The Stigma of Anal Toys for Men

The fact is, anal play, in general, is a taboo topic. Even though we live in an era of sexual openness and empowerment, people still seem to be ignorant of it. What is worse, instead of researching the subject, they shut their eyes and ears against it.

However, it is not the stigma around anal toys that is the issue of this article. It is the stigma around anal toys for men specifically. Society believes that only women and gay men can enjoy anal stimulation.

That is why it is paramount that we discuss the subject. Breaking the stigma that surrounds male anal toys will unshackle every man, gay or straight, from the chains of false morality and ignorance. Everyone should be able to express their sexuality and enjoy it (according to basic human decency, of course).  We believe that men would be more open to the idea of anal toys if we educate them on the unforgettable experience that they can get once they embrace the use of anal toys.

In the spirit of breaking the stigma of anal toys for men, we will discuss them and explain their two-fold purpose. Even if the subject does not concern you, you should still familiarize yourself with it. The more accepting we are of differences that exist among us, the more we will grow as people.


Prostate: The Overlooked Erogenous Zone

Whether you may not know this, the prostate is an organ highly responsive to stimulation. It is one of the male erogenous zones, although it is often overlooked. Despite the general ignorance, the BDSM community acknowledges the importance of prostate stimulation. It may not be for everyone’s taste, but it can truly enhance sexual pleasure.

The market offers a tool specially designed for prostate massage — the prostate massager. Since the most common method of prostate stimulation is fingering, it has a curved shaft that resembles a finger. Prostate massagers have a flared base, similar to anal plugs, that disables them from getting lodged in the rectum. They may have vibrating patterns as well.

However, you do not have to stimulate the prostate anally, as there is an alternative way. The method we are referring to is sounding — the stimulation of the prostate through the urethra.

An Alternative to the Traditional Orgasm

Even though penetration and traditional masturbation are quite pleasant, there is another way for a man to reach an orgasm. It involves the prostate, the neglected male erogenous zone, which can be stimulated both directly and indirectly.

You can stimulate the prostate directly through anal prostate massage and sounding. The first way requires either a finger or a prostate massager, the second calls for a special tool designed for urethral prostate stimulation — the sound.

The sound is a thin probe that was initially used for medical purposes. However, it soon found its purpose in sex and quickly gained popularity among sexually adventurous men. They insert the sound through their urethra so that it can reach the prostate and stimulate it. It ends with a loop that stays outside the penis.

In case anal and urethral prostate stimulation seem too extreme, there is a way to massage the gland indirectly — through the perineum. You can feel it between the base of your penis and the anus. If you massage the perineum, you will stimulate the prostate and possibly reach an orgasm without even touching your penis. 

Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

Not only does prostate massage feel good, but it can also prove to be beneficial to your health. There are numerous conditions you can prevent or cure through prostate massage. They include erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, abnormal urine flow, and prostatitis.

Although prostate massage in the treatment of erectile dysfunction seems outdated, many men who have this problem still resort to it. It can be helpful on its own or in combination with other methods, such as pumping and medications.

If there is a fluid blockage in your reproductive system, you may experience painful ejaculation. Prostate massage can clear excess fluid and relieve your symptoms.

Since the prostate surrounds the urethra, its swelling and inflammation can cause a weak urine stream. Prostate massage has proven to be rather helpful in reducing the swelling.

Even though the advancement of medicine has improved the treatment of prostatitis, prostate massage can be a useful method of relieving symptoms of the condition.

Generally, prostate massage causes excessive fluid secretion. Whether you are completely healthy or have experienced some discomfort, you can only benefit from it. However, you need to know that you should have your prostate massaged for medical reasons only on your doctor’s advice. 

Parting Words

In conclusion, anal toys for men can be both pleasurable and beneficial, despite their taboo status. They include products that are designed especially for male users, such as prostate massagers, and those that are universal, such as butt plugs and anal beads. Whether you want to include them in your sex toy collection or not, do not mock them until you have tried them. More importantly, do not judge those who have. Sexual empowerment is important for men and women alike.