The Science of Dirty Talking

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about couples who broke up because of boring sex. And sometimes, it seems like it’s the only thing people talk about when discussing bedroom action. Sure enough, most have unrealistic expectations from sexual intercourse. You can’t blame them since porn is such a big part of modern life.

Luckily, in reality, you don’t need to be an A-list porn star to make a great lover. Looking hot or being hung can help, but it’s not as important as imagination and self-confidence. Both these traits contribute to your overall sexual performance, making physical attributes only optional. And if you can deliver a quality dirty talk, you’ll make up for most things.

Since lots of people don’t understand how it works, our article will help you with the ins and outs of dirty talking in no time. Don’t worry! It’s a pretty simple yet effective way of upping your sex game. So, let’s talk dirty, shall we?

Sex Starts in the Brain

Just like any other activity, sex starts in your head. Thinking about it releases dopamine to your body, which fulfills you with joy and satisfaction. So, it’s necessary to understand how to prepare your partner and yourself for future sexual activity with brain stimulation. Once again, it’s simple, no matter what.

Firstly, you need to remind yourself of some previous pleasant sexual encounters. That way, your brain will activate “naughty mode,” meaning you’ll be ready to go. Afterward, you can give your partner “the look” or put on some exciting lingerie. You can also put on some slow music to help set the mood.

These simple tactics will subconsciously send signals to your partner. The moment they realize what’s going on, their body will already be fuming with dopamine, waiting for you to make the first move. Sure, you can always be direct and say you want to fuck them, but it just won’t be the same. Sex is all about subtlety and spicy details.

Takes Women Out of the Good Girl Complex

Although you can argue that the world we live in today is far more tolerant than what it was just a couple of decades ago, some social stigmas and taboos still surround women. And since we’re here to talk about sex, one of the most common stereotypes is that females must be feminine and polite. People refer to this as the Good girl complex.

Therefore, if you stop and think about a dirty talking wife, it immediately becomes clear it’s the opposite of something traditional. And that’s the catch! Just like men, women should be free to express their sexuality in any way they want. So if you feel like you enjoy dirty text messages, role-playing, or just being a slut in bed — go for it. Not only will it satisfy your needs, but it will also make you exciting in your partner’s eyes.

Breaking rules is what makes sex and relationships blossom. And being a dirty talking slut is hands down the best way to rejuvenate your sex life. The thing is, you’ll both break the shackles of patriarchy and up your game by a hundred. Moreover, it’s what lots of males secretly want from their partners.

Dirty Talk and Intimacy

Including dirty talk into your routine is like placing yourself in the shoes of a Literotica protagonist. Moreover, it’s like stepping inside your screen while watching porn videos. It can help you live through the moment with much more intensity. It will provide your partner with clear instructions about what’s going on inside your head.

Opening up is a healthy thing. And dirty talking with someone face to face is the closest you can get to being intimate with someone. All your dirty secrets, thoughts, and ideas spill out and fill your blank page. Although it might feel silly at first, it’s a great way to have an unforgettable sexual experience.

Dirty talking in porn is one of the main things people search for while browsing content. You see, just watching tongue-tied people isn’t as fascinating as seeing and hearing girls say all sorts of perverse and nasty language. People want to feel intimate, and what better way to experience it than by opening up? So, let’s talk about ways to introduce yourself and your partner to dirty talking. (See these tips on how to talk dirty in bed)

Dirty Talk Done the Right Way

Even if it seems that naughty talk is easy, you can screw it up. From inappropriate language to bad timing, it can all go wrong. It’s a particular skill one must use wisely. Hence, it’s key that you understand how to apply kink into your vocabulary.

It’s crucial to realize the role you play. For example, you’re either dominant or submissive; you either use commanding or begging language. It’s a way of luring your partner into your intimate fantasy. A naive young girl or a seasoned milf looking to devour her prey — choose wisely.

Another dirty talk essential is to comment on your partner’s body parts with the right tone. Depending on what your role is, you’ll either talk affirmative or make them feel small (if you get what we mean). Compare them to sex toys, other guys, etc. But if you choose to degrade them, consider aftercare once it’s over.

Also, talking can help set the stage for a change of action. Dirty oral sex isn’t just about complimenting his pecker. Foreshadow what you want to happen next. Whisper what you’ll do to him afterward, make him lose his mind anticipating what’s waiting around the corner.