How Does A Male Chastity Device Work?

A penis cage is a device that is used to lock the penis of a man so that he no longer has control over his orgasm. It prevents the erection of the penis and usually the orgasm. In the field of BDSM , it is often used by female dominants in dominating men for their own pleasure. Those who hold the key to the cage are called key holders.

Wearing a penis plug is quite simple. In a tubular case, the penis and the testicles are gently enclosed and locked. The one wearing it is restricted from unlocking the cage since the key is usually kept by the other person. Some models have a mechanism that allows opening in an emergency. This mechanism is designed so that after the emergency opening of the cage cannot be unlocked back. The key holder can just lock the cage back in once all issues have been addressed.

Penis cages, i.e. chastity belts for men, are available in numerous variants. The tubular construction can be executed closed, open or partially opened. An example of a common penis cage is offered at Dildo king. The equally popular best male chastity device can be found in online shopping sites.

Typically, chastity cages are designed to be worn for prolonged use. This article will talk about different types of cock cages including the details for each type. This article will also briefly touch on how male chastity devices fit into a Christian relationship (for a more in-depth guide for Christian couples, read this article). In general, care must be taken during use so that the sensitive cavernous bodies do not suffer damage during use and the wearer also perceives a cage as enrichment in its best piece.

Cages made of soft material

The most popular soft material for cages is silicone. These cages are very good to wear and relatively cheap. Because they can adapt well in shape, and they are often used to allow male wearers to be worn under normal clothing. Because of the easy-care material, they can also be cleaned without taking it off.

The disadvantage is the elasticity of the material, which does not allow complete compulsion. It may be possible for the wearer to orgasm in spite of the cage, because the material cannot fully prevent the erection. Such a chastity belt can nevertheless be recommended; especially for beginners.. Some online stores also offer several attractive models, for example, tail cage made of clear silicone.

Cages made of hard material

There are two variants here. Cock cages made of hard plastic and cock cages that are made of metal. Both have great advantages for both the wearer and the key holder. In terms of price, those made of metal are usually more expensive. But these usually last a long time and give their owner pleasure for a long time.

Cages made of hard plastic

These cages can usually be cleaned very well, even while wearing. They are inconspicuous and are not easily detected at airport security. However, due to their slightly lower stability, they may easily break and possibly injure the wearer. In addition, dilators and catheters are harder to attach or cannot be attached to the brittle plastic really well. Nevertheless, many swear by this type of cage. They are easy to wear and sine they are transparent, it is easy to tell if you are wearing them correctly.

Another advantage is that during emergency situations, the cage can be removed with a simple tool. If the penis has been clamped, twisted, or the lock is stuck, you won’t need a locksmith just to release your penis from the lock. Using a simple pliers or even a stable pair of scissors, the bolts can be cut while and the cage can still be used afterwards. Explaining this to the your dom is another story.

Cages of metal

Metal cages are much more restrictive than plastic cages. The cool, unyielding metal alone makes the heart of chastity loving men beat faster. In addition to shapes, there are real metal corsets made of metal for penises. Be it nets, grids or rings, you will find the most imaginatively made variants of metal. Choose the ones that appeal the most to you and your partner.

One of the most popular models, which have caused some people a pleasant scare, is the “Gates of Hell”. This refers to a cock cage design with mostly seven rings, which are connected by a soft band, usually made of leather. The ring with the largest diameter is attached as a retaining ring behind the testicles around the penis shaft. Each of the subsequent rings measures a little less in diameter than the previous one, so that even in the un-erected state, the glans is firmly enclosed by the last ring. Now, if the wearer of this cage sexually stimulated, the rings begin to hurt a lot, which significantly reduces the sexual desire. Clever keyholders know how to keep their slaves with this cage for a long time exactly between burning desire and miserable pain, hence the distinctive name.

Cages with catheter or dilator

Some cages allow a dilator or catheter to be inserted into the urethra. A catheter allows the water to leave and allows the semen drainage. A dilator, however, increases the tension of the game immensely. Some cages even have a solid thorn, which is introduced when mooring. This extra stimulus can almost make a man crazy, because every movement and every smallest erection becomes twice as intense. If you’re ready to experience all these craziness and if you are interested in buying a male chastity device, click here.

Some models are designed so that a dilator can be introduced retroactively, in order to stir up the lust of the man against his will. With increasing swelling, the pain increases in the penis, which are often increased by internal spines. When the pain becomes overwhelming, pleasure sometimes disappears completely in normal cages. Not so when using a dilator, with which a man is also against his desire, at least to a certain point.

Those who are are not into dilator cages can also buy those with a urethra spreader. However, this model requires a very sensitive handling, because it may cause serious injuries when not done properly.

Whether you’re an experienced BDSM player, a newbie in the industry exploring potential sex toys for a newly discovered desire or just a guy looking for a device to restrain himself from masturbating, you must have come across chastity male device and probably started wondering how it works. If that is so, then don’t worry ‘cause we’ve got you covered, you are just in the right place.

Is male chastity considered as a form of torture?

Well, torture or pleasure? It’s difficult to say. That’s the BDSM world, so it all basically amounts to the same thing. Jokes aside… Let me first break down to you the underlying purpose of this interesting toy. Simply put, a chastity device is used to control oneself from having orgasms, potentially leading to a better sex life. This cock restraint comes in various shapes and materials, but it basically means having your flesh flute locked in a cage. Sounds alluring? Well, if you are the submissive one then this honor goes to you. When you give your consent to this kinky little game, you allow your dominant partner to put a limit on your arousal whenever he or she wants. In that sense, it may seem as a chastity torture, and it is indeed described as one, but again, that depends on the practitioner’s preferences. Majority of users say that they’ve experienced extreme pleasure. This can be a one-time game, but a lot of satisfied ones left it longer, maybe for a week, or even a month.

Christian couples may also consider introducing male chastity into their relationship. This practice may help strengthen their bond and commitment, especially because chastity is an important value in Christianity.

How to make wearing a chastity device comfortable?

When you take a look at the picture of a male chastity device, even thinking about putting your manhood in it may seem hair-raising, especially if you are new in the industry and still finding yourself. However, experts and experienced users say that it just looks like that, but the reality is quite different. Yet, in order not to experience a painful chastity, you need to do extensive research before you indulge yourself in it. Not all penises are of the same size and shapes, so you need to find the device that is adaptable to you. Having a lock for 24 hours should cause none of a problem, but if it does, then you’re experiencing tight chastity and you need to have it replaced immediately.

Are there any bad effects of male chastity?

Whoever wants to try out a new thing needs to be aware of the consequences it has, especially in the BDSM industry. It is also important that before taking part in any kink, you must discuss the details thoroughly with your partner. In regards to the previous paragraph, effects of a male chastity are in a direct relation with choosing the proper accessory. Many users are worried about being unable to arouse once they take it off. Well, there are almost no medical experts who can claim with certainty whether this device may or may not have a negative effect, but some of them do say that as long as you choose a suitable size and do not use it long-term, then you should not fret and you can give yourself up to it.