How society today view and understand premarital sex

More than 50% of the human population have premarital sex by the age of 20. Despite what religious moralists say, people are more open and inclined to satisfy their urges much more than in previous years. And yet, does it lead them to the gates of hell? Who can know?

What Did the Bible Say About This? 

Some people who lead the lives of believers go to church every Sunday and read the Bible every morning. And they save themselves for the intercourse after the promise they made in front of God to their forever-partner. 


Some believers, among them, went on this journey a little later in life and have already experienced many things. Even those who consider themselves worthy of the church, and enjoy fulfilling their desires and fantasies without endangering others around them, are no less valuable.


The Bible respects different cultures. According to the Holy Book, a marriage does not have to be a license or church paper. Still, we can see that it strives and gives its readers a reason why it is best to wait until marriage. Marriage is sacred. Marriage is a promise. Marriage is love.


Two married people build a relationship within their circle and shape it according to their mold. For them, there is nothing outside the family that is the main focus. Respect, sincerity, and the beauty of affection — that is what people need for love.

Do People Still Care About What the Bible Says? 

Although the Bible respects customs and people as individuals, it still says that sex is only for marriage. God created sex for enjoyment between two people who sincerely love each other and want to spend quality time together. According to Him, sex is not a one-time pastime accompanied by animal instincts.


Nowadays, people have learned to accept their bodies and instincts completely. Although they sometimes feel bad about that, fewer and fewer people let the laws and counsel of the Bible guide them.

People used to be more attached to the Bible than today, and their views on premarital sex were more controversial. In the distant past, parents arranged marriages, and girls and boys kept their virginity for each other. After poverty and violence in wars, the view shifted from the Bible to survival.


We must not ignore the influence of the media on teenagers, as well as the world-famous sex gurus who tell adults that they should do what they want. Of course, as long as they do not hurt themselves, others, and the environment. Times change; people change.

How the Bible Affects People’s Views? 

If you have sex with someone before marriage, you are definitely moving towards marriage. Or not? People who follow the rules as written in the book become more attached to their partner than those who have already experienced everything with someone else before.


Also, in the past, people used to appreciate women who brought virginity into marriage more. With the first rush of hormones, both women and men become confused. What to do with a sudden jump in hormones, and what is actually right?


Families who read the Bible to their children every morning and move in a circle of people who go to church raise children who are not dependent on their emotions. These will be people who will always find a way to control their instincts when they are undesirable.


Unlike an individual who does not follow the rules of the Holy Book, one who does so sees a clear path ahead. He focuses on his goals, achieves them, and does not swim in the sea of ​​wrong decisions. 


However, everyone has their faith, and everyone follows certain rules. The most important thing is to stay on your path and avoid negative influences.

How Premarital Sex Is Viewed Today 

Nowadays, the division into religious and non-religious people in terms of views about premarital sex does not stand out too much. Among both, there are several supporters of the intercourse between a man and a woman who share love and have not yet legally disclosed their sacred marriage.


So, although in the past, the act of sexual pleasure was considered a sin among non-spouses, and then virginity was simply valued more, today people indulge in casual sex often. We make fun of men if they are virgins, and women are terrified from that first night so much that they hurry to mature.


The tradition among Christians, Catholics, and Protestants still did not support premarital sex. No one changed that. People simply decided to follow their instincts. The number among atheists and agnostics who enjoy premarital sex is, of course, much higher.

At the time of the Bible, marriage as a community like today did not exist. Therefore, we kind of expected such changes. People still do not favor polygamy, deception, and torture of any kind.

The Aftermath of Premarital Sex 

The consequences of sex before marriage might or may not happen. It all depends on how your psyche and body cope with it, as well as how careful you are. There are a lot of unwanted pregnancies in the teenage years as well. 


Premarital sex may result in abortion. Abortion is in no way humane among religious people, regardless of the current public struggles on this topic. The body finds it difficult to recover, and with that, depression is possible.


Sexually transmitted diseases, as well as HIV, happen a lot too. So, if you are not sure whether your partner is clean or not, avoid the sexual touch. When you lose your virginity and then repent, you feel so cut off that you want to hide under a blanket and spend an eternity there.


In addition, the lack of support from family members can affect you. Many young people get suicidal thoughts or start with opiates of various kinds. On the other hand, religious ones who reserve themselves for the marriage may feel insecure or overly eager for sex when it is too late. Which side do you stand for?