Reasons Why It’s Okay to Use Sex Toys if You’re Married

Why Sex Toys Are Okay for Married Couples to Use

Sex is a vital aspect of any marriage. Instead of ignoring its importance, we should embrace it. There’s nothing wrong with trying to keep things in the bedroom interesting! Not only can it save our marriage, but it is also extremely beneficial for our well-being.

So if you’re looking for relationship advice and tips for raising the heat underneath the sheets, you’ve come to the right place. One of the simplest solutions to reviving your sex life is getting sex toys for couples. Here’s why it’s absolutely okay to use them.

Sex Toys Were Never Mentioned in the Bible

Any sex-related topic is still regarded as a taboo by more people than you think. Many of us underestimate the importance of having a healthy sex life. Such a strong stigma around sex exists in great part thanks to religion — or the way people interpret religious teachings.

Moreover, marriage is often portrayed as something sacred. On the other hand, sex is considered dirty but necessary for reproduction. So the conclusion is — we should do it but feel embarrassed about it. Crazy, right? The funniest thing is that the Bible doesn’t even say these things — people do.

Today, we’re aware that sex is important for taking care of our mental and physical health. It also plays a significant role in creating a stable, intimate, and emotional relationship with our partner. That’s why we should take our sex life more seriously.

Sex Is Actually Portrayed as a Gift to Married Couples

For centuries, it was okay to have sex only when you wanted to start a family. People saw it as something reserved for married life, while sex outside of it was regarded as a sin.

However, it’s no secret that people never respected this “rule.” The fact is that humans are sexual beings, and are one of many animals that have sex for pleasure as well.

Things have changed a lot since the Middle Ages. Today, people have sex much more often outside of marriage. Sex has become something that’s completely appropriate for young adults who are in relationships.

Moreover, the popular belief is that sex inside marriage is boring. People think that it’s normal for married couples to grow tired of it after they get kids and reach a certain age. In a way, it is — of course you’ll reach a breaking point after 20 years of marriage!

However, the thing is that you shouldn’t just accept it and live a sexless life forever. No matter what people think, no one should ignore their sexual needs! Unfulfilled desires can seriously affect your general mood and health — not to mention it can damage the quality of your marriage.

Don’t forget that sex is seen as a gift to married couples. It certainly is an important aspect of a marriage.

Intimacy Is Part of a Healthy Marriage

There are many benefits you can gain by enjoying sex on a regular basis. First and foremost, it plays an important role in maintaining your general health. Sex can even help you when dealing with less serious health issues, such as headaches and mood swings.

This doesn’t mean sex can cure anything though, but it certainly is good for your health.

A healthy marriage, unlike a toxic one, will save you a lot of headaches and other health issues. Sex is crucial for establishing a strong and authentic emotional connection.

When you feel close to your partner, you’re more open, honest, and loving toward each other. This feeling of closeness can save a marriage even in the most difficult times. It can help you communicate with each other and solve problems more efficiently.

So sex is one thing that brings us closer to one another. It gives us the opportunity to share the most intimate parts of ourselves with our partners. No matter how intimidating it sounds, intimacy is an essential part of having a healthy marriage.

Life rarely allows us to feel vulnerable and be open. More often, we need to be tough and strong to survive in this crazy world. For that reason, we’re afraid to allow ourselves to be soft.

However, sex creates a space where we can relax and expose our vulnerabilities. Your partner is probably one of only a few people you feel completely comfortable around. That’s what love and intimacy should be about.

Your bedroom should be a safe space, not a battlefield.

Should You Use Sex Toys?

If you want to work on your marriage and sex life, there are some things that can help you out — sex toys!

However, you don’t need to use them at any cost. It’s absolutely okay to introduce them into your bedroom — unless it goes against your beliefs and values. If you’ll feel guilty and ashamed because of it, there are other solutions you can look for.

If you do want to try them out, you have plenty of options. There are many great sex toys for married couples you can start with! Most of them you can put in use during penetrative sex. We’ll provide some examples of the toys you can use.

Sex toys such as bullet vibrators and magic wands will help you get the most amazing clitoral stimulation ever. You can use them to make oral sex feel more exciting or during solo play too. If you want to explore even higher levels of sexual pleasure, you can go for G-spot stimulators.

As for sex toys for men, you can start with something like a vibrating cock ring. This toy, when used during sex, will help both of you enjoy the experience even more. Butt plugs are another great option both for men and women — don’t be afraid of exploring this erogenous zone as well!

Incorporating sex toys into the bedroom can be a lifechanging experience. If you think this might help you improve your marriage, you should at least give it a try.